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Information Technology Expertise


desktop, laptop & peripheral support

We support a wide variety of configurations whether PC or Mac.

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No job is too big or too small

Does your Mac run so slow that you go make coffee when you turn it on?

Need to install a handful of computers and get them on the network at your office?

Is your PC constantly spamming you with annoying popups?

Roadrunner IT Consulting can do it!

  • We Can Handle It

    Home office to small business


hardware, software & operating system installation

Whatever it is you're installing, it's a breeze with Roadrunner IT Consulting.

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We're not afraid to push the button

Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Got a speedy new video card but dare not open the computer case?

Need to wipe your Mac's hard drive clean and install OSX High Sierra?

Roadrunner IT Consulting can help you achieve your installation!

  • We Are Experienced

    Seamless installations & upgrades


virus, spyware & malware removal

Roadrunner IT Consulting will locate and eliminate those pesky bugs.

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Bug busters extraordinaire

Does your computer seem to act schizophrenic after that last website visit?

Do you wonder why you're constantly getting pop-up windows?

Do you want to know the best practices for avoiding getting hacked?

Roadrunner IT Consulting will ensure your computer is clean and happy!

  • We'll Clean Up The Mess

    Nothing gets by us


computer cleanup & maintenance

Roadrunner IT Consulting will help keep that computer running in tip-top shape.

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A well oiled machine

Do you ever wonder why your big horsepower PC takes so long to boot up?

Do you constantly see the spinning beachball on your Mac screen?

Do you wish to have your computer optimized for maximum performance?

Roadrunner IT Consulting can work out the kinks and monkey wrenches!

  • We Have The Utilities

    Peak performance computing