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We are the first publishing house–probably anywhere–that is dedicated to publishing the works by authors who draw on Integral, Adult Development, Complexity, Interdisciplinary, and Transdisciplinary approaches.

We live in interesting times. We are beset by a multitude of seemingly intractable problems beyond anything that humankind has faced in its short history. Yet it is the  intractable nature of these fierce and thorny problems that will force us to address them from higher, more complex perspectives–perspectives known as Integral.

At Integral Publishers we see ourselves as creators helping to bring these new perspectives into the world. We are a channel for integrally-informed, leading edge thinkers to bring their ideas to as wide an audience as possible in the service of the greater good. Our new imprint, Tangent Publishers, promotes exceptional works by outstanding authors that do not necessarily fall within the Integral, Adult Development, Complexity, Interdisciplinary, and Transdisciplinary approaches .

We have fashioned Integral Publishers on the print-on-demand (POD) model. With this system, we work with printers that are capable of providing a variety of publisher solutions and full ranges of professional printing capabilities. The POD model is breathtakingly simple.  An IP author’s book is set using the tried and true principles of traditional publishing, but instead of a large run of books stored in some dusty warehouse,  as a POD book is purchased from online outlets like Amazon and Barnes&Noble, the physical copy of the book is then sent to online bookstore. From time to time we do work with boutique brick and mortar bookstores, but only those that are associated with higher education or private institutions. This flexible and nimble method of publishing allows us keep our costs down while paying royalties to the author that far exceeds traditional publishing houses.


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